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graphics are always viewable, but I tend to keep the personal stuff locked up.
I do love new friends, so if you think we have some things in common (in fandoms and/or real life) and want to be added go ahead and comment here, say Hi and maybe tell me a bit about yourself *g*
If you are just interested in the graphics feel free to join/watch random_ship  that is where you will find all my icons,wallpapers,gifs, textures, etc.
castle - writer/muse

tv and me

just some tv shows I am watching... and their effect on my mental state.

1. Castle continues to be my happy place. Although I am seriously thinking something is going to happen before the whole happily ever after can take place. I don't know what, but something.... and its most likely going to be angsty.

2. The good wife. I have decided the only way I could ever be happy with what happened last week is if they add a new lawyer to the cast and he is played by gorge clooney. It would still hurt, but that might help ease my pain *L*

3. Shield. I am really starting to like it more and more. But it seems like as soon as I start to look forward to watching it, it disappears for weeks at a time. Course this can be said for most show I watch.

4. Looking forward warehouse 13 coming back... sad to see it end though :(

Whats everyone else watching there days?